Tata Value Homes – How Far has the Nation’s Oldest Brand Come?


Tata as a brand needs no introduction. The pioneers of Indian industry have come a long way and have their presence in every industrial sector possible. If one were to go through the portfolio of the Tata Empire, one would find that this is one company that has the calibre to commoditize just about anything. From affordable watches to people’s car, the Tata Group has had a plethora of products and services to offer.

Their latest venture is into affordable housing. Tata Value Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tata Housing Company. This company was established in 2010 to meet the latent demand for good homes in the country at affordable prices.


As a corporate group, the sales objectives of Tata Value Homes are high and they plan to be in for the long haul under the Tata Housing umbrella. They have targeted high sales to make up for the low prices associated with building of houses with exemplary quality.

The Characteristics of projects from Tata Housing

The aim of the company is to establish housing for the masses. These houses are being built in the newly developed area of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. There are a wide variety of offerings where the type of homes are concerned. There are accommodations which offer the maximum features in a minimal housing. For example, there are Tata homes in Bangalore where one gets only 1 BHK accommodations. The best part is that such homes are also priced in such a manner that they are within the reach of the masses.


It seems that Tata housing is doing with homes what it has done with salt. For the sceptics, the politically correct statement would be that the Tata housing company has brought sale of homes in league with sale of high end cars. There are some Tata homes which are even less expensive than the low end models of Audi!

The Quality of Tata Homes being constructed by Tata Value Homes

In all the projects of Tata Value Homes, the quality of Tata Homes bears of some standard characteristics. One would be able to find all these characteristics in all of the Tata housing projects. All projects focus on green construction and therefore require a considerable amount of thinking and planning in their construction.

It has been a commonplace situation in the Indian realty sector that the construction of new projects usually does not happen in accordance with the “best practices”. Since there are no well established frameworks regarding construction norms and processes. Therefore across the country, ecology has been the last priority during construction.

How to book TATA Value Homes Online?

Builders are known to have converted the mangroves near Mumbai into housing projects because of the perennial demand from home buyers. Now this natural resource is being threatened. Likewise, there has been no focus on environmental preservation while building homes.

Tata Homes differ from their peers in this manner. The company has assumed its responsibility to play seller of the finest quality homes which come with their own ecological advantages. Therefore architects known across the world are hired to plan the projects so that the best practices in play across the world can be incorporated.

In Conclusion

Tata Value homes focus on the overall enhancement of quality of life of home owners. This is the reason why the builders focus on the overall lifestyle rather than just the housing.

Movavi Video Editor Detailed Review


Video editing software are probably hard to use, but Movavi Video Editor Makes video editing so easy, even if you’ve never done it before. It have a wide file format compatibility, quick conversion speeds, audio extraction and some basic editing features which will give you a power to make professional video as easy as like 1-2-3. The user interface of this software really impressed me. It has a modern look and all the tools are organized in a great manner. You don’t need to access the program menu for help.


Why Movavi Is Best?

There is a built in screencast feature which can’t be found in other video editing software. Movavi allows you to record your computer screen and provide a voiceover as it happens. This can be a useful feature if you want to demonstrate a problem on your computer, or create tutorial videos to post online. The easy to use interface quickly guides you through all the necessary steps involved in making a really outstanding clip.

There is a media player for the preview of your edited projects and beside it there is a time line which have title track, video track and 2 audio tracks which allow you to easily navigate and tune the applied effects and transitions. This movie editing software comes with many great advantages. It allows you convert your 2D videos into 3D. You can even turn your videos into old-looking movies or you can add different transitions between each clip. Just because this software converts movies very quickly, it is the best workhorse for those who have a lot of videos to convert.


What You Must Know About Movavi

This movie editing software is compatible with most common video formats such as WMV, MOV, MP4. You can easily import these video formats into the software. This tool is also compatible with less-common formats such as VOB, Xvid and DivX. This movie editor allows you to capture still images of videos. So this can be a great feature for those who want to grab still frames from home videos.


The company offers help and support via email, user guide, live chat, tutorials and FAQs. So I don’t think it will take more than 5 minutes to get the solution of your problem. There is also an in-application help guide, which contains answers of the most of the general questions asked by users. This software is so easy to use, so I don’t think that you’ll need to use the help options.

This software is an all-in-one solution for creating videos and for editing too.


My Words About Movavi

I have only one word to describe Movavi Movie Editor Software. Wow! This software and convertor application is simple to use. The buttons on the interface are quite large and self-explanatory, so it will take only few minutes for you to get the hang of the software. If you are looking for a comprehensive, affordable and easy to use movie editing software, then Movavi is for you.

Halloween decoration ideas for you – fun & easy halloween


It’s fun to decorate our house and office on the occasion of Halloween. Right from frightening to funny themes, this Halloween decoration helps us enjoy this festival with sheer joy. People come up with exciting Halloween decoration ideas that make them create a perfect environment for the festive season. In our previous post, we explained 20 awesome halloween costume ideas for you.


In this post we will be looking at some of the best Halloween decoration ideas that will help you decorate your home, office as well as outdoors on this occasion.

Our 10 Funny & Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

#1 Glowing Eyes

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate during Halloween. All you need are some used toilet paper rolls and glow sticks. Once you assemble these things, follow the following points to get these things to work:

  • Take the used toilet paper rolls and cut out different eye shapes in them.
  • Now put the glow sticks in these rolls and install them in your garden bushes, terrace area, or wherever they hide perfectly.
  • These amazing glowing eyes will no doubt terrorize the entire neighborhood.

#2 Spooky Eye Balls in Tree

Another amazing decoration idea is to place spooky eye balls in trees. These eye balls simple look awesome in trees and shrubs. Moreover, you can get them in the stores and save your time making them up all by yourself. You can find these spooky eye balls for Halloween decoration here:

#3 Bloody Handprints

What’s Halloween without some bloody handprints? Easy to make and simply horrifying, you can include this item in your Halloween decoration. All you need to make bloody handprints is some Elmer’s glue and Red Food Coloring. Once you get these products, follow the below steps to make some horrifying bloody handprints:

  • Spread some red food coloring on your hand
  • Now spread some Elmer glue all over this red food coloring
  • Now place your hand on mirror and get your bloody handprint
  • You can repeat this and make such marks on your windows, glass front doors, car windshields, etc.

#4 Wall Spider Web

Wall spider web is one of the most simple and common Halloween decorations during the season. Confused how to make it? It’s simple! All you need is yarn, double sided tape and a spooky spider. To make it more amazing you can even use glow in dark yarn. Get these products and follow the below steps:

  • Create a web out of the yarn by tying knots at the edges
  • Put this up on the wall using the double sided tape
  • Now put on the spooky spider on the net
  • You can even use the readymade scary spider web instead of yarn

#5 Bat Silhouette Decorations

Affordable, simple to make and quick to prepare bat silhouette make amazing Halloween decorations. All you need to make this is a black paper and scissor. To make this decoration, follow the below given steps:

  • Take the black paper and draw different shapes of bats on it
  • Now cut these shapes using a scissor
  • You can now paste these bat silhouette inside lamp shades, on lamp post and create a perfect Halloween environment

#6 Ghost Garlands

Simple, affordable and awesome, ghost garlands make an amazing Halloween decoration. This ghost garlands look awesome in day as well as at night when suspended with a strand of white lantern lights. All you need to make ghost garlands include some white paper or white fabric, strand of white lanterns, thread, and black sketch pen. Once you get your hands on the above things, follow the below steps:

  • Suspend the stand of white lanterns
  • Now take a piece of white fabric and hold it in a pinch right in its center
  • Now put two finger inside the fabric and just below where you are holding it with a pinch
  • Now remove the pinch and hold the fabric from all sides within your fingers leaving two finger space from upside
  • Now remove your hand from within the fabric and tie a thread tightly from where you are holding the fabric from outside
  • This will create a face of the ghost. Now draw eyes and mouth on this head with the help of a sketch pen
  • Now make a tiny hole on top of this fabric head such that the lantern head just goes inside it
  • Now suspend these ghosts on each of this lanterns
  • Your ghost garland is ready!

#7 Glass Jar Ghosts

Another simpler and homemade Halloween decoration idea includes the glass jar ghosts. To prepare some real scary glass jar ghosts you can get creative with paint, permanent markers, tissue papers, etc. Follow the below given steps to make some really good glass jar ghosts.

  • Take some glass jars and color them with red, green and yellow colors and let it dry. Ensure not to make this color too dark.
  • Now take permanent marker and draw horrifying faces on these painted jars
  • You can even use tissue paper or other papers to make silhouette and paste them on these jars
  • Now put lanterns or candles in these jars and enjoy the horrifying glass jar ghosts

#8 Staircase Silhouette

If you have a staircase, you can even decorate it with some amazing Halloween staircase silhouette. All you require to make them is some black paper, scissor, and glue. Now, follow the below steps to make some scary staircase silhouette.

  • Draw some rat and bat designs on the black paper and cut those shapes
  • Also make some rat hole shapes and some tree branches
  • Now past these silhouettes on the steps and on the adjoining walls
  • Your perfect staircase silhouette is ready!


Hope the above Halloween decoration ideas help you in decorating your home, offices and outdoors on the eve of this festival. Wish you all a Happy Halloween!

20 Crazy Halloween Costume Ideas For You – Halloween 2014


The most awaited festival of Halloween is here! And one of the major attractions of Halloween is the themed costumes. People during this occasion try to find new Halloween costume ideas that would help them dress for the festive season and entertain all. Each year many creative ideas are generated to design new costumes that can be adorned while attending costume parties.

It’s the Halloween costumes that make this festival special and full of scary and funny things. Kids get all the more excited with the amazing new dresses and the Halloween candies. Wearing a Halloween dress and transforming self into something else makes the things funny and bring out age old memories related to those particular costumes.


Halloween costumes are the most captivating thing during this festive season. And everyone things of coming up with a unique Halloween costume idea that can make them different from others. In this post we will be looking at different Halloween costume ideas that will make you look awesomely different from others.

Below are some of the best Halloween costume ideas that you can use to dress yourself as well as your kids and pets on this occasion.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women



There are a wide range of Halloween costume ideas for women available. Right from costumes from famous TV, movies and famous faces, you also get amazing classic, animal, pirate, marvel, horror, occupation, nostalgic dresses and many more. However, some of the trending costumes for 2014 include:

Check latest Halloween Costumes for Women

  • Game of Thrones Khaleesi Blue Warrior Princess Costume with Wig
  • Grey Faux Fur Trimmed Adult Costume Cape
  • Women’s Barbarian Warrior Fantasy Halloween Costume
  • 3 Wishes Women’s Sexy Queen of Dragon’s Halloween Costume
  • In Character Costumes Women’s Dark Sorceress
  • Disguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Maleficent Bustier

and many more. You can check out some more trending Halloween costume ideas below::

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men


Along with women, there are lot of amazing Halloween costume ideas for men. For men can dress like superheroes, animals, pirates, TV and movie actors, medieval and renaissance costumes, marvel comic characters, star wars characters, etc. In 2014 some of the trending and worth buying Halloween costumes include:

Check latest Halloween Costumes Collection for Men

  • Duck Dynasty Willie Party Fancy Costume
  • The Walking Dead TV show Zombie Patient Costume
  • The Hangover Alan Costume
  • Dreamgirl Men’s Dragon Warrior King

and much more. You can check more amazing Halloween costume ideas for men below:

Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies


Babies in Halloween costumes look amazingly cute and become a major attraction during the event. Thus, coming up with some cool Halloween costume ideas for babies will not just help you dress your kids with funny dresses by also enjoy their toddler actions in them! Some of the awesome Halloween costume ideas for babies include animal dresses, superhero dresses, TV and movie characters, etc. Some of the trending and worth buying Halloween dresses for your babies to buy in 2014 include:

Check out latest Halloween Costumes for Babies

  • In Character Infant Monkey Costume
  • In character Unisex baby Infant Lion Costume
  • California Costumes Toys Little Mermaid Costume
  • Rubie’s Costume Co-Infant Noah Ark Lion Cub Romper
  • Pinkie Poodle Infant/Toddler Costume

and many more. You can check more amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for babies below:

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets


No doubt pets are an integral part of our family and dressing them on the occasion of Halloween adds some more fun to the celebration. You get a wide range of amazing Halloween costume ideas for pets that include awesome dinosaur dresses, superhero dresses, animal dresses, flower dresses, and more. Some of the trending 2014 Halloween costume ideas for pets include:

Check latest Halloween Costumes for Pets

  • Lion Pet Costume
  • Animal Planet Triceratops Dog Costume
  • Star Wars Collection Pet Costume
  • Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dog Costume
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume

and many more. You can find more Halloween costume ideas for pets below:

Dressing in amazing Halloween dresses started a long time back since the Celts believed that the Halloween night brings up the spirits of the dead. These spirits then roam freely on the earth among the living. These spirits then included good as well as bad spirits. The good spirits did not harm the living but the bad ones did not accept humans enjoying the land that once belonged to them. This belief then made the Celts dress up like the ghosts and hide from them and their curse. And this tradition continues till date.

Halloween costumes are no doubt amazing and help you enjoy the event with a new dimension. Hope the above Halloween costume ideas help you dress and give yourself a new avatar and have fun during the festive season. TechDroll wishes a Happy Halloween to all.

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Happy Diwali Greetings – 10 Beautiful Happy Day Cards


Happy Diwali to all! Here are some really cool Happy Diwali Wallpapers and Greetings to share with you friends and family. The festive season starts off by greeting each other of happiness and prosperity and with the age of gadgets and social media, the Happy Diwali wallpapers become one of the best ways to wish each other on the occasion. Happy Diwali guys, hope you all are enjoying this Diwali with your friends and family, if you are here then surely you are looking for some Happy Diwali Quotes, Happy Diwali Wishes, Happy Diwali Messages & Happy Diwali Greetings & don’t forget to visit Happy Diwali Wallpaers & Images.

You can share these lovely Diwali wallpapers on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles or even share them with your Whatsapp friend and group list. Each and every wallpapers on Diwali below has some significant meaning to it and symbolizes a particular day during the 5 day Diwali season.

The 5 day Diwali festival includes Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdasi, Lakshami Pujan, Balipratipada, and Bhai Duj.


happy-diwali-dhanteras-wallpaper-greetings-2 happy-diwali-dhanteras-wallpaper-greetings-3 happy-diwali-dhanteras-wallpaper-greetings-4


happy-diwali-narak-chaturdasi-wallpaper-greetings-1 happy-diwali-narak-chaturdasi-wallpaper-greetings happy-diwali-narak-chaturdasi-wallpaper-greetings-2


happy-diwali-wallpaper-greetings happy-diwali-wallpaper-greetings-1 happy-diwali-wallpaper-greetings-3 happy-diwali-wallpaper-greetings-4




Hope the above Happy Diwali Wallpapers and Greetings help you in wishing your near and dear ones with an amazing image that signifies the day along with a special quote. Wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous Diwali.

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