How to Manage Multi-Author Blog with WordPress Plugins

Spread the Word!Multi-author blogging is one of the most popular trends spreading in the blogging industry in recent times. With the increasing competition, it has become difficult for bloggers to manage fresh content on their blogs singlehandedly. Hence, comes up the requirement of co-authors and guest authors. The...
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Link Building Strategies That Work

Spread the Word! Link Building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization and credits almost 80% of importance in your SEO strategies. Right from blog commenting to social media sharing every aspect of building links help you in increasing the authority of your domain...
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How to Hide Last Seen on Your WhatsApp Application

Spread the Word! Not everyone wants to share their privacy with all. Not everyone wants to chat with all when they are online on social networking sites or applications like WhatsApp. Even though this android app does not show that usual green bubble when you’re online, the app...
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Tips to Increase Domain Authority of a Website

Spread the Word! Gone are the days when the proficiency of a website was merely decided upon its Google Page Rank. Today, a lot of external changes have made the Google algorithms all the more efficient thus helping users with good websites. These days, building an authority for...
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How to Create a Website? – Guide for Newbies

Spread the Word! Today, in the world of Internet, everyone wants to create a website for themselves or their business. Internet marketing has evolved several folds and your absence here can cause you a serious loss. Your business, small or big, must have a website if you really...
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Free Apps for Android and iOS to Have This Year

Spread the Word! Each year starts with new resolutions to become successful, to meet our goals and to fulfill our dreams. We all plan many things that help us in achieving these resolutions. We start keeping planners, start making to do lists and even make a work out...
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