(Best*} Valentine’s Day SMS in Hindi for Your Valentine

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Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th of February. Since, February is already here, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So, a lot of people have started preparing for several things to do for their partner on this day of love. However, Valentine’s Day is not just about expensive gifts. There are simple things that can be done to make your partner feel loved and special. Haven’t you heard that little things make all the difference? So how can you make your partner feel loved and special? If you have been together for quite some time then you’ll not have to worry much as you’ll already be aware about the likes and dislikes of your partner. However, if you are new in a relationship and or you have no clue how to make your partner feel special then the best way to pamper them is via Valentine’s Day SMS in Hindi.


How to get access to the best Valentine’s Day SMS?

You can get a handful of Valentine’s Day love SMS in Hindi on the web. You can choose any number you want from these multitude of Hindi SMS available on the web. These SMS are an impressive and a platonic expression of love. So, choose the Hindi SMS from the wide gallery and send them to your partner. However, if you think like a writer and have romance in your blood then why not write down your own love SMS in Hindi? It is true that Hindi writers over the years have written abundant of love Hindi SMS but if you write a Hindi message on your own then you will never fail to impress your partner with these Facebook covers for Valentines day. Write down your expression of love in the form of perfect Valentine’s Day love SMS in Hindi and send it to your partner. When you write you’re in a position to shape your thoughts in the way you want. Only you know what you truly feel for your partner so you can definitely write the thoughts in the best manner possible. So, don’t wait pick up the pen and paper and start writing all you feel in the Valentine’s Day Hindi SMS for him and be ready to see his surprised face.

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day Hindi SMS for girlfriend then the best place for such lines is Hindi novels. Pick up her favorite love novel and choose the lines that resonate with your relationship and send it to them. This way she’ll be touched by your effort to dig out the lines from her favorite book. Moreover, you can even get access to multitudes of HINDI SMS lines from the romantic movies of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and several other romantic movies. There must be a common favorite movie of both of you. Watch that movie over and over again and write down all the romantic love punch lines and send it to your partner. Your beloved will feel extremely impressed by your effort and dedication to make you feel loved.

Perks of well crafted Valentine’s Day Hindi SMS


SMS is an easiest and fastest means of expression. You can express your love, feelings and belongingness for your loved ones. Thus your Valentine’s Day SMS must be well crafted and designed. There are multiple perks you might receive from your partner on sending this extra customized wishes. When you send your partner absolutely romantic Valentine’s Day Hindi SMS your partner will feel loved and the romance quotient between you two will rise significantly. Moreover, they might give you a special treatment and pampering for making them feel so special with your Valentine’s Day Hindi SMS.

Final words

Above we have listed all the necessary details about perfect and the most romantic Valentine’s Day love Hindi SMS for your partner. Choose the one that you like and pamper your partner with this incredibly cute gesture of   yours. No need to spend huge bucks to make your partner feel special. It is these little things that will make all the difference and add on to the love quotient between you and your partner. So, do not hesitate type out the most romantic Hindi Valentine’s Day love SMS and hit the send button.

[*Download} Full HD Valentine’s Day Wallpapers for Mobile | PC | Laptop


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free valentines day wallpaper and screensavers all over the web so we got the best collection of wallpapers for you this valentines day.

Having a love wallpaper on your phone or desktop screen can brighten up your day to great extends. Morever you can send whatsapp messages to your valentines this year.There are hundreds of love wallpapers available that are going to make you smile. A lot many of you might be familiar with the cupid wallpapers that serve as perfect Valentine’s Day Love wallpapers. Whenever you look at these wallpapers they’re instantly going to remind you of your beloved. When you put romantic wallpaper on Valentine’s Day you can even add quotations, images and messages alongside the romantic love wallpapers. The messages and images can have a deep meaning in your life. However a simple, ‘I love you’ annexed to the wallpaper too can do wonders. The beautiful love wallpapers on Valentine’s Day will leave you happy, warm and satiated from inside. The use of hearts in the wallpapers is an accepted trend amongst both males and females. Even if the wallpaper is not about love, people tend to add hearts in there wallpapers as it makes them feel happy. Thus the wallpapers with hearts are universal Valentine’s Day  wallpaper.

The little cupid holding a bow and arrow is another common design of love wallpaper. However you can find a lot of variety in designs and art forms in the same graphic of the wallpaper. Some might even be funny Valentine’s Day love wallpapers. There can be variety in designs ranging from fine art to cartoons. However, in case you’re single in this season of love, you can write funny messages and quotes on these wallpapers. The romantic wallpapers with teddies and bells and chimes supported with funny messages can be perfect Valentine’s Day Love wallpapers for single hearts. This will serve as a constant reminder for them to buck up and get a soul mate for them. Wallpapers with cartoons and teddies annexed with silly messages can instantly remind you about your partner.

Download Valentine’s Day Love Wallpapers for 2015

valentine-day-wallpaper-2015 valentines-day-greetings-hd-wallpapers-2015 valentines-day-wallpapers-romantic-01 valentines-day-wallpapers-romantic-HD-02

HD-valentines-day-heart-background-wallpaper hearts_in_clouds-wide-full-HD valentine-desktop-illustration-2015 valentines-day-wallpaper-03

Some people enjoy Valentine’s Day Love wallpapers with cute jokes on love to make them laugh. These jokes will bring out the new flavor from the old pictures.  Thus, this Valentine’s Day you can add either of the following as your love wallpaper.

  • A cupid wallpaper with a message or quote
  • A red wallpaper with hearts all around
  • A love cartoon wallpaper with a funny message
  • Cute and cuddly wallpapers with animal pictures
  • Exotic and colourful designs as wallpapers.
  • Scenic beauty that reminds you of your loved ones.
  • Poems and quotes from favourite authors and writers
  • Covers and posters of the famous romantic movies

Thus, during Valentine’s Day a lot of people change their wallpapers on the phone and desktop screen. This is generally because of the following reasons.

  • To feel the warmth of love during the season of love
  • To remind them of their loved ones each time they pick up their phone or laptop

Where can you get access to these love wallpapers for Valentine’s Day?

There are multiple sources of love wallpapers for Valentine’s Day. You can download these love wallpapers from the web. There will be millions of love wallpapers with cute images available on the web. You choose the one that you like the most and the one that instantly reminds you of your loved one and make it as your Facebook cover Valentine’s Day. Moreover, you can download a theme and recreate wallpaper on your own, based on the theme available. However, if you are one of those creative ones you can design your own wallpaper based on the software you’re comfortable in. The wallpaper can be designed in Adobe, Photo shop or Paint.

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned all the details that you need to know about the love wallpapers for Valentine’s Day. Choose the wallpaper you like depending on how well you can relate your relationship with these wallpapers. However, before you choose to download wallpaper you must have antivirus software installed in your device in order to avoid any of the viruses from spreading in your device. It is generally noted that whenever you download anything from the web there is a risk of virus annexed to it. So, stay careful.

Best Valentine’s Day Facebook Status to Post on Your Wall


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for this valentines day so we decided to write post about the same.

The effect that development in technology has brought in our lives is commendable. There is no sector that has been left untouched from the impact of technology. Facebook is a social networking site and has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. We have all become Facebook addicts and our lives have been badly captured by these social networking platforms so much so that whatever happens in a day is well updated on Facebook. Now that the much hyped day of love, The Valentine’s Day is just around the corner people must have started thinking perfect Valentine’s Day Facebook status. Facebook has even an option to set moods as status. So, even the moods can be used as Valentine’s Day Facebook status messages for singles.


What to update as Facebook status on Valentine’s Day?

There are a couple of things you can update as facebook status on Valentine’s Day. Some of these have been listed below.

  • Love Quotes- Now, if you nothing to write simply post the love quotes from all the romantic writers of the past and make them as Valentine’s Day status for girlfriends. You might have seen the latest collection of Valentines Day Facebook covers for your profile in previous post.
  • Poems- There is an abundant of poems and verses from the romantic authors available. Choose the one that that is the favourite of your partner and put them as Valentine’s Day facebook status for boyfriend.
  • One-liners- Now, if you are single and have ever come across sarcastic one-liners then this can surely be used as a funny Valentine’s Facebook status. This can be a fun way to tell the world that you’re single and have no qualms about it. Let everybody know that you’re alone on Valentine’s Day through Facebook status.
  • Love Philosophy- Now, if you are fed up of your single status or jealous of the couple posting pictures or status for each other then you can simply opt for Love Philosophy as the facebook status.

Where can you get perfect Facebook status for Valentine’s Day?


There are millions of sources to get access to Facebook status for Valentine’s Day. Below, we have mentioned some of the sources where you can get the best facebook status for Valentine’s Day.

  • Search the web: There is nothing in the world that cannot be found on the web. So, if you have nothing crossing in your head simply search for love messages on the web and put them as Valentine’s Day status on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag your girlfriend or boyfriend for who you have put this status.
  • Write your heart out: If you have the creativity genes in you simply write your heart out in a status and dedicate them to your loved one. When you write it yourself you’ll be able to express better and more precisely. Moreover, it is only you and not any prolific writer who knows how you feel for your partner. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are an ace writer or not, simply write all that you feel for your partner and make them feel special. Do tag them in your status.
  • Poems and prose: Now, when you use prose and poems as status, they too can be an incredible means to show your love for your partner. Here again you can search the web for some of the best prose and poetries written by all the romanticists of the past.
  • Romantic Movies: There are millions of romantic movies released till date. You or your partner must be having a common favourite that you might have seen together or some movie which you always cherish watching. Use the dialogues from these movies as best Valentine’s Day facebook status and acknowledge your partner.
  • Novels: If you read romantic books and have a common favourite author use the expression of your favourite author to detail the beauty and love you hold for your significant other. This again is a good way to display your love and affection towards your partner to the world.

Final words about Facebook Status for Valentines

Above, we have listed down some of the best Facebook status on Valentine’s Day and the sources for some of the best Facebook Status for Valentine Day that you can put on your wall on the Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to add pictures too on your facebook wall on the day of love.

Best Valentine’s Day Facebook Covers to Apply on FB


We have Valentine’s Day coming up soon on the 14th Day of February. This day of love makes couples who are madly in love want to do something passionate and romantic for their loved ones. There are multiple things that you can do on this day for your partner. However, there is nothing bigger than giving them a social acceptance. One of the best platforms to give social acceptance to your partner is Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site that is extremely popular amongst people of all age groups. So, why not express love on this Valentine’s Day using Facebook? Let’s find out how.

How to tell the world that you love your partner?

  • Put a romantic Facebook status on Valentine’s Day and tag your partner.
  • Put a romantic Valentine’s Day facebook cover and impress your partner.
  • Dedicate an audio or video on facebook for you partner.

Magic of Valentine’s Day Facebook Covers

A facebook cover is the timeline cover that you add to your facebook profile. The privacy of the facebook cover is always public. So, whatever you choose will be visible to everybody who has an account on Facebook.  When you put a Valentine’s Day Facebook timeline cover you will be able to impress your partner. Your partner will know that you’re not scared to accept in front of the entire world that you are hooked and you love your partner truly, madly and deeply. You might have checked out list of Valentines Day Whatsapp Messages for your loved one in our previous post. Cute Valentine’s Day Facebook covers is a way to acknowledge the presence of your partner in your life and works as a perfect assurance for your partner that you’re proud to have him or her in your life. So what better than, Valentine’s Day to tell the world that you’re madly in love with someone? Whenever you put a romantic Valentine’s Day Facebook cover, don’t forget to tag your partner.

valentines-day-facebook-cover-851X315-01 valentines-day-facebook-cover-851X315-02 valentines-day-facebook-cover-851X315-04



What can you use a romantic Valentine’s Day Facebook cover?

The purpose of a Valentine’s Day Facebook cover is giving your partner an assurance that you love them. So, choose the cover wisely. A well chosen cover will definitely do the requisite magic in strengthening the bond between you and your partner. You can get multiple romantic photos on the web to put as a timeline cover of Facebook on Valentine’s Day. Choose a cute couple photo or a photo with hearts, teddies, chocolates, chimes and romantic kisses, and make it your Facebook Valentine’s Day cover. Don’t forget to tag your partner since the cover is a dedication to them and them alone.

In case you’re alone on the Valentine’s Day then simply use funny Valentine’s Day Facebook covers. This too can be availed from the web. Let the world know you’re single on the day of love. However, if you’re ready to commit long term you can add the most romantic picture of the two of you as your Facebook timeline cover. Write a cute romantic caption for the picture and tag your partner. Let the world know that you’re taken and very much in love. However, if you’re new in the relationship and do not have a picture together use a romantic poster of your favorite romantic movie as your Facebook cover on Valentine’s Day. This can also be used when you’re trying to attract someone special’s attention who you want in your life. If you really like somebody add a romantic movie poster and put it as your timeline cover add tag the person you like. This can be a unique way to tell them that you like them and it can also be an easy way to initiate a conversation with them.

Final Words about Valentines Day

Above, we have listed how Facebook timeline covers act as a unique way to attract the attention of your partner and make them feel that you love them deeply. Thus, the timeline covers are a unique way to tell the world that you’re in a steady relationship with someone. Also, the romantic timeline covers on Facebook can be availed from several sources. The different sources are mentioned in the article. Hope we have helped you with all the requisite information.

Best 20 Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Messages For Love


The much awaited Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and all the young hearts are bubbling with romance. Valentine’s Day is weak long celebration that starts one week before 14th of February every. February’s onset is an indication for all the love birds to start planning for Valentine’s Day. Usually we can see people spending a lot of money on costly gift items and flowers for their beloved. But is that really important to get the costliest item? No amount of costly gift items can express your love better than just a whisper of love filled words. Indeed. We should believe in giving simple things that are more sentimental and emotion filled rather than costly gifts.


There are so many ways that can be done for touching the heart of your beloved rather than spending huge money for one day. The power of words and expression that you can put in simple words that explain your feelings to your lover can sometimes do wonders for you. We forget to exchange few words of affection today even after having all the fastest communication tools available. One such application that makes expressing your feelings very quick and easy is Whatsapp. We all use whatsapp to gossip all the time. So this year why not use it to express love on Valentine’s Day? Simply send a special Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Messages for your loved ones and make them feel loved and appreciated.

What can be used as a Whatsapp message?


There are so many of things that you can use as Whatsapp messages on Valentine’s Day. Below, we have listed down few of them to simplify the things for you.

  • Love Message - If you are not comfortable in writing up a message yourself, then don’t worry there are so many love quotes, poems written by famous writer and poets that can come as a great help to you. Choose the one that best describes your feelings and relationship with your partner. Use Valentine’s Day Whatsapp quotations and send it as a Valentine’s Day message for girlfriend or Valentine’s Day Whatsapp message for boyfriend.
  • Love Philosophy - All the friends who want to tease and express their feelings about the Valentine’s Day can send messages to their friends about love philosophy as well. Let your friends know that you’re single on Valentine’s Day via Whatsapp message.
  • Picture Messages – Whatsapp provides you with an option to send images directly to the receiver along with small captions. It is really great way to express your love on the Valentine’s Day. Whatsapp picture messages for Valentine’s Day can be any of the favorite images of you two or you can easily download from web.
  • Video/Audio Message – It is a really fun way to record a small video or audio clip for your loved ones on this special occasion. You can personalize this message to a great extent and make it really special for them. It can always be saved for you to see/listen again. So grab your smart phone and record a Valentine’s Day video Whatsapp message for your beloved. If you are camera shy then you can always send a super romantic voice/audio recording to your loved ones and give them a special Valentine’s Day audio messages on Whatsapp.

Where can you get perfect messages for Whatsapp?

You can get access to a huge number of the messages that we have suggested on internet. We have listed down some of the best sources where you can get perfect message for Whatsapp on Valentine’s Day.

  • Search the web – The internet is filled with millions of messages of all the types that can be used as Whatsapp message on Valentine’s Day. It is really important that you choose the one that is related to your relationship or partner. It will make it more lovely experience for them.
  • Create your own message – You don’t need to be a very creative person for typing a simple message that describes your feelings well. It is more important that you write such messages from bottom of your heart. The picture messages and audio messages are quick and easy to impress your girlfriend with a romantic Valentine’s Day Whatsapp message.
  • Take help from romantic movies – Movies have always been a great source of inspiration for lovers and you can also pick a movie poster and edit it a little to be sent as Valentine’s Day Whatsapp message. Don’t forget to put name of your partner on the pictures or the lines that you take from movies your partner in your Whatsapp message for Valentine’s Day.
  • Take help from songs – There are so many romantic songs that are loved by your partner. You can always take lyrics from these songs to frame a new message. You can also create a slideshow of your pictures together with the song in background. It will be a perfect Whatsapp message on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Message

You’re a
V: Vivacious
A: Alluring
L: Likeable
E: Enigmatic
N: Nice
T: Tranquil
I: Incredible
N: Natural and
E: Enchanting person.
I would love to have you as the Valentine of my life!


Aakhon Mein Noor Hai;
Chehre Pe Suroor Hai;
Koi Mange Mera ‘Number ‘To De Dena,
Kyu Ki

Valentine Kareeb Aur Meri Shadi Abhi Door Hai.


It’s hard to act as loving to one whom you really do not love.
But it’s harder to act as not loving the person whom you really love!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

You’re my soul sharing a single thought;
Two hearts but sharing a single beat;
You are the light of my life and smile.

Final Words

So we have seen how a simple whatsapp message can be used to make your partner feel the love that they deserve. We are sure this will be a great help for you to create a great message for your loved ones.