UrbanClap – A One Stop Solution for Language Professionals


Not too long ago, people had hard time looking out for professionals in various fields, language experts for instance, exaggerated their expertise and often ignored concerns of those who wished to avail quality language services, their competence was questionable and so was their method of teaching. Sadly, there were no check and balances, everything was superfluous, but apps have become handy to fix the basic loopholes in the system. Let’s explore how one of the top apps – UrbanClap turns the tormentous task of finding language professionals into a flawless one, and how it enhances user experience.



Earlier language professionals would often oversell their services, resulting in a bad experience, and in absence of any written agreement or acknowledgement, users had hard time arbitrating, and that turned language industry defunct, they would refuse to accommodate one on one language practice in-spite of promising to do so in the original agreement,  and that is one of the key reasons why professionals at UrbanClap explicitly state what is cover and what isn’t, so that if one provider is charging 5000 for just theory and other is charging 5250 with one of one language practice the user can choose the plan that is more relevant to his language goals.


Although overlooked, it is one of the key aspects, many times, one would find professionals who would claim that they are C1, but users would not have any way to verify the authenticity of their claims. It wouldn’t have mattered a lot had teaching languages were easy, but unfortunately it isn’t, and there is no reason why one would want to learn German A2 from a German B1 certified professional. Urbanclap keeps that in check by insisting professionals to get their act together and it gets them to specify their level of competence. So what if they manipulate it? Well in that case, urban clap has a rating system, which is one of the key factors for hiring professionals and a negative ranking would get them out of the business, and of course from Urbanclap; at the same time.


The entire market of language learning was un-organized, first there were individuals, and then came institutes and the usual difference in their tariffs ranged from 20% to a whopping 80%, there was no pricing mechanism, and there was a blatant neglect on professional’s part to to make it better. But since ultimately the motto was to syphon off money, and there was little incentive for any improvement. Consequently no one really wanted to do competitive analysis or talk to folks in the business to impart quality language education, and as a result; it adversely impacted the industry. An app for professional, Urbanclap in this context, was new in this field, and the strategy was clear –to add many professionals and give them a competitive platform to slog it out themselves, it worked, and that’s why one could find many more professionals here working for lower rates and the difference in the rates is anywhere from 20%-40%.


Again a field that language professionals exploited to their advantage, earlier, many language classes structured their rates in such a way that users couldn’t negotiate with them, and that in a way developed corridor of uncertainty and the professionals knew that it was highly unlikely that user would look around for services elsewhere; a thinking they deduced from their own experiences over a period of time, and which was almost always correct – result? No negotiation and overpayments most of the times, and there were people who paid twice the average amount for preliminary levels of language classes, there was no competition. Urbanclap which is better than any traditional apps like Doormint or Localoye, by adding more professionals into the fray has got skin into the game, since Urbanclap doesn’t tax the providers, nor have any commission plans for that matter, all providers work with equal advantage. And that primarily helps the user as the providers come up with the most competitive rates.

With that being said, since providers have advantage of working in a no fee environment, they can offer best services at the most competitive rates, and that’s where it scores higher than looking up for professionals the “bad” old way. And as a result, it enhances user experience in finding better professionals at competitive rates.

Hike in the use of E-Commerce Sites


Have you heard about online shopping? Probably most of the people would have heard the concept since it is in the latest trend. This online shopping in the business concepts is called as e-commerce. E-commerce is basically the procuring the goods and services with the help of internet. It’s now one of the most leading businesses since the year 2009. When it came into existence, people hardly did know. But as time passed by, people started practicing online shopping which is proved to be convenient, efficient and effective as well. Since the year of 2013, people slowly started trusting these sites as initially they felt the product and the brand was fictitious. But with time, people started buying and experiencing the quality assurance and thus the use of e-commerce sites was hiking at the faster rate.


E-commerce sites in India weren’t that easy to establish. It’s a little tough to impress people and make them believe that it is the right product. They more over trust over the feedback and mouth publicity works in India more than any other kind of publicity. Slowly, the ratio of people using internet in India increased and that was the best chance to impress people. When a person searches for the product on the search engine, the very first recommendations are of those e-commerce sites like flip-kart, Amazon, snap deal and many more. Also it recommends the one with cheaper rates. Products from the range of Rs.100/- to Rs.40, 000/- and more are available on these sites. Also there are specific sites for specific products. For example, Myntra is providing services and goods which specifically focus on fashion. Snap deal is one of the India’s largest online shopping sites. There are many more examples of such websites for your feasibility of shopping.

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Without a second thought, people register on Myntra for availing the latest fashion available in the market at the cost of money. It’s accepted that Myntra provides goods which are a little expensive but no one needs to speak even a little about their services. They are simply amazing and user oriented. For example, if a person wants to buy t shirts online, he or she will first check out Myntra for that purpose to avail the offers and check out the best products. They would simply go through few t-shirts after adding the filters. They could possibly add filters of the brands, colours, size, price range and type of t-shirt. Once done with adding the filters, they would check out all the products and if they like any while checking out, they will simply add it to their favourites. This becomes easy for them to segregate their choices and club it to one. Once they have checked out all the t-shirts, they would check out their favourites section. If they feel the t-shirt is worth the price, they would order it. If not, they would ask some for suggestion and then buy as per their needs. Later, on the delivery, you can try your t-shirt if you are available and if it looks really amazing on you, and fits you, you can pay for the same else return it. It’s not about wise selection it’s about smart selection.

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Experience food conveniences with TinyOwl App



Tinyowl is an unbelievable efficient mobile app that makes food delivery so much easier and convenient. In today’s time when life is so hectic and busy, this app makes cherishing your favorite food so guideless. Now all your favorite dishes that you drool over and all the different cuisines that you meant to try are only a tap away. This food ordering app is very easy to download and to use. It has been designed in such a manner that it makes ordering food much faster and efficient. It is absolutely user friendly and quick and gives you various options to choose from.

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TinyOwl is an app that has been exclusively designed for all the food lovers out there. Now all your favorite food is just a tap away. This app was first introduced on 1st November 2014 and is owned by Harshvardhan Mandad of Flutterbee Technology Private Limited. The hosting company of this APP is Amazon. Currently, Tinyowl is only available in a limited cities namely Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune but keeping in mind its growing popularity it is soon to be launched in majorly all the cities in India.

What makes TinyOwl so Special?

TinyOwl is one of the fastest growing food delivery apps in today’s date. The main reasons for that is that firstly it eliminates all the clutter and confusion, which means that it refines your search in such a way that you see only the required information that you intend to see. It eliminates all confusion and unwanted information. Secondly, this app has the feature that the moment you log on to this online food app, it traces your exact location and area. You can do this manually too for best results. Once your location is fixed then it produces a list of the best available restaurants with all the various kinds of cuisines which are available to you in your vicinity.

The payment process featuring in this app is also very quick and easy, you can either opt for C.O.D that is cash when the food is delivered or can pay through your credit or debit card. Tinyowl also has this feature where it saves all your past orders for references and your address for quick order. The customer support of this app is also quick and efficient. It takes care of everything starting from confirming the order that you have placed, to implying it to your chosen restaurant and to notifying you about the estimate time of delivery. The main aim of this app is to ensure that you are delivered your favorite food at the comfort of your home and as quickly as possible.

Why is TinyOwl App more convenient?

We all know how tiresome it can get to order food on the phone. First you have to fish out the menu of the restaurant you want to order from, stay on the phone for ages getting your order placed and then some more time explaining the area and location of where you live, by pointing out land marks. With Tinyowl all the menu of all the relevant eating joints are available to you at a tap and you can select anything and everything you want to eat without being in a rush. The locator in this food app saves you from the pain of explaining directions and saves your time and energy. With the help of Tinyowl one can order from different restaurants at the same time and pay for it individually without any hassles. There are absolutely no extra charges or hidden charges at all. You only pay for your food and not a penny more.


Tiny Owl is one of the best foods ordering apps present in the market in today’s date. It makes the whole experience of ordering and enjoying your food so much simpler, faster and convenient.

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Best Strategies for Mobile App Marketing


Mobile apps marketing had been one of the most complex tasks to do by the marketers. Most of the marketers fail to adapt an effective marketing strategy for mobile app promotion. But, if one gets to now the most effective tactics for mobile apps marketing then the app can be optimized for maximum number of downloads and users too. So, if you are planning for some effective mobile apps marketing strategies then you must read out the article written for you below. It will help you in finding some of the most effective mobile marketing app strategies to boost up downloads and users of your mobile application.


You need to understand what your app is all about and what type of people you need to target through your mobile application. So, you need to put forward a clever marketing strategy for mobile apps. You need to perform the best with proper planning of strategies in order to give out the best in the app market. So, read out certain mobile apps marketing strategies before start your mobile app promotion.

Study the Behaviour of your Customer

It is one of the most effective mobile apps marketing tactics to focus on in initial days of your app launch. You need to find the target audience and study their behaviour about your app. Find some good ways to engage them through your mobile app. Study the users of your app keenly and recognize the behaviour of every user. One of the most effective ways of studying behaviour of the app user is to study the readers coming to your mobile website. Visitors visiting your website will allow you to fetch information of the type of device they are using to visit you. You can also conduct few surveys for understanding your mobile customers in a better way.

Keep the Goal in Mind

The perspective of the app must be very clear in your find and this should be reflected with the things you do to promote your mobile app. Your perspective should be providing maximum benefits to the customers using your mobile application. Customers are the most vital element for the success of your mobile app. It should be the foremost strategy for mobile app marketing that needs to be followed by the mobile app developers. You can start interactions with the customers by giving them some great deals and offers by sharing on your website of through social media promotion. You can even generate the immediate feedback of the app users by adding poll or rating option in app interface or on app website. Mobile App Marketing is really very essential for every mobile app creator. Once your app gains certain level of popularity, you can start monetizing it with premium services and ads to attract more users.

Refine Marketing Strategy

Once you have followed the above mentioned steps sincerely, it’s time to think ahead of others and do certain refinement in your marketing strategy. It might include creation of team, advertising, publicizing, or change in other mobile app marketing tactics. You can decide whether you want long term promotion or it is required in short term. It might depend on your budget too. So, plan mobile app marketing strategy carefully.You can get free recharge now-a-days by completing cool exciting offers

Choosing Right Mobile Technology

This is what needs to be done very carefully before starting mobile app marketing for your application. You need to find out some of the cheapest means to reach maximum number of people for promotion of your mobile app. SMS marketing and Email marketing can turn out to be the cheapest means for promotion of your mobile app and might fetch your large numbers of users. Also, it is up to you that what method of promotion you choose among the audiences, either direct or indirect.


Final Words

Creating mobile apps these days is not at all a difficult task. There are number of developers that can help you out in creating the app matching the needs of every user. What matters is the promotion of mobile app through an effective store optimization strategy. So, choose the best marketing strategy for promotion of your mobile app and get the desired results through promotion.

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Taxi Service in India


In the past couple of years, the online taxi services have taken up a large part of urban Indian transport service. Now many people rely on the services like Savaari, Easycabs, Olacabs and Bookmycab and these companies have also changed how we use transport in our lives. In the coming days, it is expected, that the use of these services will increase many folds.


People use these kinds of services not for one reason but for many and today we will be discussing these benefits here.

If you have hired a taxi from a taxi stand in your neighborhood then you might know what they lack of. The biggest concern of yours might be security as you don’t know who the driver is or is it safe to even sit in his taxi. These taxis are not even equipped with GPS or any other gadget like that. In many cases the drivers do not know about the roads of the city they are working in. Say, you are ready to risk your safety and want to hire one of these taxis. What if you go to the taxi stand and all the drivers there say that they will not go to the place you want to go?

So, it is better to choose a modern online system which is transparent than anything. The taxis aligned with these services are fully equipped with all kinds of latest gadgets to ensure security and high quality service of the passenger.

The other reason to hire a taxi from these services is the money. You can easily save a big amount of money on the fares just by getting discounts. Believe me it is as simple as it sounds; all you have to do is knock on the right door. You might have seen freecharge.in’s recent ad that tells people to use their service to recharge their phone and in return get free ride on taxis. This is just one way of getting discounts and there are lots of other ways also. One other way of getting discounts is to keep an eye on offers everywhere like when you recharge your Tatasky account online (if you have) you will be also presented with some offers and if you find something related to taxis you should take that offer. The same goes while recharging phone with PayTM.

Now you would want to know the companies that give discount so that you can start looking for their offers on other websites. Well, almost every online taxi service provides discount and one of them is Taxi for sure offers available.

So, now it’s your turn to move a little around and don’t miss any offer to save money. Happy riding and Good Luck.